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NCERT Based Portable Science Labs

Portable & Micro-scale Labs

In concurrence with the global trends on revitalizing the education system, our latest Indian syllabus too insists on children grasping the basic concepts from their surroundings. In addition, the present methodology emphasizes on adhering to a practical approach and activity-based learning.

The need-of-the-hour for every child is practical learning which excites and engages. In this age of information overload, it has become a challenge for teachers to draw children’s interest towards educational concepts, converting their ‘Fear of Learning’ into the ‘Joy of Knowing’. To enliven the learning experience and make it more joyful, nischals insists on linking the children’s school experience to the outside world, while discouraging rote learning.

As the pioneers in creating curriculum-based, portable & micro-scale school labs that transform the classroom into a lab, all our labs aim at the maximum possible involvement of a child in the learning process to develop creativity and conceptualization. The faculty is familiarized with the usage of our labs through a well-structured orientation program. This ensures optimum utilization of the lab by the teachers and students.


nischals Math & Science labs are an outcome of years of research and innovation by Nischal Narayanam, research scholars, subject experts & resource persons
nischals team formulates portable & micro-scale labs that are not only based on the latest curriculum and cover most of the course syllabus, but also arm students with concepts beyond it through hands-on experiential learning
nischals labs follow the revolutionary portable & micro-scale technique
The unique, colorful, user-friendly, micro-scale, compact, portable and attractive labs help students link the concepts of the subject to real-life scenarios
It not only cuts down the cost of chemicals and apparatuses considerably, but is also child-and environment-friendly
The new methodology prescribes that every chapter should be taught in the lab atmosphere. This is a practical impossibility for most conventional schools. Thus nischals brings the lab to the class!
The labs help teachers motivate children to experience the versatility of the subject and learn concepts practically
They serve to strengthen conceptual understanding and promote the creation of a strong foundation at the school level itself
nischals labs serve as portable laboratories while the manuals supplement the text books
This material brings a research-based curriculum methodology which provides better results, confident children and an enhanced reputation for schools
With this material, students experience, observe and practice concepts of the
subjects on their own as the video guides are also available in the labs
All experiments listed in the manuals conform to a general format that includes – aim, theory, materials required, procedure, observations, results & discussion, precautions and questions
nischals labs encourage the learning of basic experimental skills through the hands-on, minds-on performance of a set of prescribed and suitably designed experiments
They provide easy availability of all the materials for performing experiments at one place
The presence of a white board and green board on either sides facilitates ease of explanation in an external environment
The procedures of activities are simple and can be performed within the allotted time period. Allowing for the syllabus to be completed in much less time and making room for revision
Our patented labs and copyright content promote/inculcate one of the most innovative teaching methodologies and revolutionize current teaching & learning practices of Math & ScienceStep into the world where education, excitement, fun and happiness is guaranteed! We hope nischals labs bring to you in abundance….the Joy of Knowing!
Suitable for being used both indoors and outdoors
Do not generally require extra source of energy, such as gas, water or electricity supply for their use. Hence, the labs can be used in smaller towns, rural areas or other places where sophisticated infrastructural facilities are
hard to find
The labs contain tools that are specially designed, innovative, safe, food-graded, strong, and eco-friendly, made of borosilicate (glass apparatus) and premium quality plastic materials
The new methodology intensifies lateral thinking by means of unconventional, innovative and alternate apparatus
The techniques prescribed are also designed to reduce hazards and wastage of chemicals, and ensure a pollution-free atmosphere
The science labs contain safety measures like a first-aid kit, gloves, lab apron and also lab spectacles
Bearing ease-of-use and security of equipment, the labs have been specially designed in the form of a portable cabinet. They come with brake-enabled wheels, lock & key, and two slots at the back for the white/green board & charts, respectively. The top of the cabinet can also be used as a table

Step into the world where education, excitement, fun and happiness is guaranteed! We hope nischals labs bring to you in abundance….the Joy of Knowing!

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