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K-12 Inquiry Based Science Solutions

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Ideas and Resources

Recent PASCO Blog Posts

The PASCO blog is full of ideas for the lab – from breaking down student misconceptions to tackling hard to teach concepts to fun activities that will help you get the most out of your PASCO equipment.

Our most recent middle school blog was designed to break students from the persistent misconception that the seasons are dictated by the distance of the Earth from the Sun.

Shed some light light (both figuratively and literally) on the real reason with this simple activity using a light bulb, a meter stick, a globe, a bit of velcro and our new Wireless Light Sensor.

The previous blog introduces a fun Earth Science activity to teach students about watersheds, their importance and the dangers they can face from pollution.

PASCO Shorts

Wireless Sensors provide a low cost, high quality way of bringing dynamic measurement and analysis into the classroom. Our new PASCO Shorts video series are brief, content packed explorations into an interesting or innovative use of our new easy-to-use wireless line.

Here are two that are ideal for Middle School Students. “Levers” uses a Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor to create a dynamic investigation of levers and simple machines while “It’s a Gas” is a great demo or activity that uses our new Ohaus balance adapters to show students that gases do have mass.

PASCO’S Sensor-based Solutions for Primary and Middle School

Engage your student and transform your Middle School Life, Earth & Physical Science programs with PASCO sensor, software, teacher guides and lab investigations. No matter what platform (computing devices) you use, PASCO supports students and teachers in their STEM programs with tools for sensor-based data collection, visualization and analysis.

True Compatibility

The SPARKvue application is avilable for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms, making it ideal for mixed or BYOD environments.

Intuitive software

SPARKvue software is designed for science inquiry and delivers an incredibly intuitive user experience. It is data collection and visualization made easy.

Wireless Sensors

Our innovative and low-cost wireless sensors allow you to connect directly to your devices via Bluetooth®.

Standard-based labs

Designed by teachers, for teachers our labs address AP, IB and NGSS standards.