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Portable Labs

Portable & Micro-scale Labs

In concurrence with the global trends on revitalizing the education system, our latest Indian syllabus too insists on children grasping the basic concepts from their surroundings. In addition, the present methodology emphasizes on adhering to a practical approach and activity-based learning.

The need-of-the-hour for every child is practical learning which excites and engages. In this age of information overload, it has become a challenge for teachers to draw children’s interest towards educational concepts, converting their ‘Fear of Learning’ into the ‘Joy of Knowing’. To enliven the learning experience and make it more joyful, insists on linking the children’s school experience to the outside world while discouraging rote learning.

As the pioneers in creating curriculum-based, portable & micro-scale school labs that transform the classroom into a lab, all our labs aim at the maximum possible involvement of a child in the learning process to develop creativity and conceptualization. The faculty is familiarized with the usage of our labs through a well-structured orientation program. This ensures optimum utilization of the lab by the teachers and students.

Maths lab

For Ages 4 and Above

Math is said to be “the mother of all sciences” yet it has always instilled a sense of fear amongst children. So, we designed India’s first ever Math lab that aims to turn math fear into math joy by bringing out the fun aspect of learning. Designed for students from classes 1 to 10, the lab helps students learn even the most complex of Math problems with the aid of a wide choice of objects and interesting concepts linked to everyday life.

Easy to understand, remember and apply, the Math Lab helps students develop speed & accuracy by sharpening the mind and improving mental agility & intelligence. Above all, it makes learning math which is typically an abstract subject, fun, and simple.

In many schools, Math despite being the foremost subject in the educational system is not imparted to the students in a practical way using lab equipment. A child is able to glean elementary concepts in an easier way with practical knowledge of Mathematical proofs using lab equipment.

Our state-of-the-art math manipulatives provide
hands-on experience and reinforce math skills at a conceptual level.

Special features and highlights:

  • Perforequipment0 experiments
  • Unique, user-friendly, portable, attractively & compactly packed
  • Converts math fear to math joy
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Science lab

There is no substitute for hands-on experimentation, especially in Science.We have designed an array of labs encompassing a multitude of topics in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Using Nicholas Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs teachers can actively engage students during science classes.

Physics lab

Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 450 experiments
  • Colorful, user-friendly, attractive & compact
  • Improves skills in measuring, recording,
    Organizing, and analyzing data
  • Improves active learning and critical thinking
Physics lab equipment suppliers in chennai

Chemistry lab

chemical lab equipment suppliers in chennai

Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 470 experiments
  • Attractive, easy-to-handle, safe & eco-friendly
  • Kindles scientific thinking
  • Minimal usage of chemicals

Biology Lab

Special features and highlights:

  • Perform over 400 experiments
  • Attractive, easy-to-handle, safe & eco-friendly
  • Increases concentration, visualization,
    inspiration, memorization,
    insight & information processing skills
  • Incorporates critical thinking, research aptitude,
    projects analysis and develops other critical skills