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STEM teaching kits


An extraordinary STEM learning solution

  • Displays position and velocity in real time
  • Connects graphs to equations of motion
  • Free-wheel or motor drive
  • Arduino® compatible
  • Communicates wirelessly with any computer or  mobile device using Bluetooth®.

Teach Physics

  • Measurement
  • Position and displacement
  • Speed, velocity, and acceleration
  • Position vs. time graphs
  • Velocity vs. time graphs
  • Vectors
  • Newton’s laws
  • Motion on an inclined plane

Teach Engineering

  • Introductory robotics
  • Programming
  • Design with real constraints
  • Problem solving
  • Optimizing a solution
  • Performance testing
  • Accuracy and precision

    Programming and Robotics with the ErgoBot

    This unique module offers 23 lessons and projects covering introductory and intermediate programming, robotics, sensors, code development, variables, loops, logic structures, autonomous operation, design, engineering, optimization, and performance testing.


    • 23 lessons and projects
    • 7 interactive simulations
    • Interactive IDE
    • 23 slide presentations
    • 23 student assignment
    • Everything works right out of the box – nothing to solder or assemble.
    • Designed for the classroom – use the same ErgoBot every period,  all day.
    • Projects 1-8 require no installed software. Students write easy code that gets the ErgoBot moving in less than 20 minutes.
    • All three sensors are included and need only a few jumpers to  connect.
    • Build up to C-level programming language using logic and sensors.
    • The teacher’s guide includes 23 projects with lessons, slides,  and a wealth of instructional material.
    • The Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard is available separately to  upgrade your existing ErgoBot.

    Hardware and software work together to make the easiest most engaging programming course ever created.

    • No assembly required
    • 23 projects start from novice level
    • Works with Windows® and Mac® OS X
    • Wireless Bluetooth® communication
    • Practical for every classroom
    ErgoBot EP-6471
    ErgoBoard with Sensors EP-6472
    ErgoBot with ErgoBoard Robotics EP-6473
    ErgoBot Programming and Robotics Teacher Resources EP-6485

    Motion and Robotics with the ErgoBot

    A powerful, new and engaging way to teach motion using robotics and technology. Topics include position, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, motion graphs, vectors, introductory programming (statements, variables, loops), and introductory robotics.


    • 17 lessons and projects
    • 14 interactive simulations
    • 6 interactive equations
    • 17 slide presentations
    • 17 lesson plans
    • 17 student assignments
    • Requires ErgoBot kit
    ErgoBot EP-6471
    Track EP-6474
    Tripod Stand EP-6475
    Motion and Robotics with ErgoBot Teacher Resources EP-6482


    Forces and Machines

    Our Forces and Machines Kit engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantage up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20-cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.

    Forces and Machines Engineering Kit EP-6477

    Kit includes:

    • 27” extruded rails (2)
    • 10 N metal spring scales (2)
    • Extra tripod stand base (1)
    • Universal spring hanger
    • Right-angle connector with pulley (2)
    • Fixed triple pulley block
    • Hanging triple pulley block 25 cm Hooke’s law spring
    • Friction block
    • Quick-attach gear hubs (4)
    • Gear spacers (8)
    • 20 cm levers (2)
    • 60 tooth spur gears (2)
    • 40 tooth spur gears (2)
    • 20 tooth spur gears (3)
    • 20 cm dia. large pulleys (2)
    • Gear spacers (8)
    Forces and Machines Teacher Resources EP-6483