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Weplay Soft Gym – 9 pcs

To experience different games at varied space. Soft Gym set helps the training of balance and coordination.

Code: KM2302-009
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 2 years & up

Max. Load:40 kg
Weight:34 kg
Volume:47.2 cuft


  1. Soft Gym is a basic motor skill training set, a totally flexible route for on-pad physical activities.
  2. From basic body stretches to establishment of spatial concept, Soft Gym can satisfy children’s needs whilst they grow by changing activities and learning space.

Play Value

  1. Satisfy children’s needs of physical activities.
  2. Enhance movement coordination and balance ability.
  3. A complete and comprehensive motor skill training set.


Components: 9 pcs / set
Weplay Soft Gym - 9 pcsMaterials include: PE foam, POLYESTER

Phthalate Free
The surface can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
High density and durable material.
Country of origin: Taiwan