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Weplay Forest Tunnel

Weplay Forest Tunnel can be rearranged as a tunnel for children to crawl through or as a path for children to walk on; this flexibility offers limitless creative environments. Assorted patterns on the Boards also offer children different sensory input. Children’s tactile, balance system and hand-eye coordination can be enhanced during playtime!

Code: KM3001
Brand: Weplay

Suitable age:10m+
Max. Load:60 kg


  1. 1. Open hole design allows light to pass through the forest tunnel and thus provides visibility for toddlers to crawl through.
    2. The forest tunnels can be placed upside-down, this versatility offers multiple construction options.
    3. Assorted patterns on each side of the board offers children different sensory input and experiences in visual and tactile stimulation.
    4. The multi-angled design of the Forest Tunnel allows for limitless construction configurations.
    5. Adorable owl-shaped connector reinforces the tunnel structure and provides structural stability.

Play Value

1. Crawling boosts the neural connection by stimulating children’s tactile, balance system, and hand-eye coordination.
2. Crawling or walking with or without hand support on the path helps to develop children’s lower body strength.
3. Assorted patterns on each side of the Flower / Leaf board provide children opportunity to discover and receive tactile sensations.
4. Children can create stories and expand their imaginations by crawling into the Forest Tunnel.


Side Board (Brown) × 4
Flower / Leaf Pattern Board (Green) × 2
Nut (Orange) × 12
Connector (Owl) × 3
Plastic Wrench × 1

Side Board – 55.5 x 54 x 6-10CM (L xWxThick)
Flower / Leaf Pattern Board – 90、68.4 x 59.6 x 9.8CM (L xWxThick)

Materials include: ABS、PE

Country of origin: Taiwan