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An amazing array of technology under the hood.

  • Wheel encoder for measuring position, velocity & acceleration
  • 100 N Load Cell to measure pushes, pulls or collisions
  • 3-axis Accelerometer gives acceleration in any direction and the resultant acceleration
  • 3-axis gyro for measuring rotation

Wireless Smart Cart

Freedom and Flexibility without Compromise

The Wireless Smart Cart uses Bluetooth® Smart to wirelessly connect directly to your devices running PASCO software with nothing else required. Connect quickly and easily using in-app pairing.  With no interfaces or cables, set up time is minimal and any surface can become your laboratory.

Wireless Smart Cart

Your choice of software:

Data collection and analysis in real time.

Smart Carts require either PASCO Capstone software on Windows® and Mac® computers, or SPARKvue software to pair directly with computers (Mac/Window), tablets (Windows, iPads & Android), phones (iPhones & Android) and even Chromebooks™

Engineered to save you money:

Not only is the Wireless Smart Cart the most advanced dynamics cart ever created, but it is the most cost effective as well since it replaces separate interfaces, motion sensors, photogates, forces sensors, accelerometers and more by integrating those functions into a single simplified system.

Wireless Smart Cart

The impulse experienced and the change in velocity created by a collision between two WIreless Smart Carts.


25 years ago PASCO developed a revolutionary dynamics cart and we’ve continued to make refinements and improvements over the years.  But now we’ve taken a great leap forward.

The New Smart Cart (patent pending) is the ultimate tool for studying kinematics, dynamics and more. It is based on a durable ABS body with nearly frictionless wheels just like our high quality PAScars. But now we’ve added built-in sensors that measure force, position, velocity, and 6 degrees of freedom in acceleration. And the Smart Cart can make these measurements on or off a dynamics track and transmit the data wirelessly over Bluetooth®.

The most advanced physics cart ever created and all without the hassle and restrictions of cables. Best of all, the Smart Cart represents a huge cost savings over having to purchase all the components (cart, several sensors, an interface) separately.

Create your own dynamics system featuring Smart Carts by adding polycarbonate or aluminum tracks, basic components and an optional accessory pack

Typical Applications

  • Kinematics
  • Acceleration on an incline (determining g)
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Impulse
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Elastic & Inelastic Collisions
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Simple Harmonic Oscillators (using the spring set)
  • Magnetic damping (using the Magnetic Damping Bumper)
  • And much more!

Special Features

  • Built-in ±100 N force sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Motion encoder (for measuring position & velocity on or off a track)
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • No interface required!
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic bumper for force sensor
  • 3-position plunger
  • Mass tray
  • Velcro® tabs
  • Force sensor hook and rubber bumper

Bluetooth 4 Connectivity

Required Software:

PASCO products that use Bluetooth® 4 technology – wireless sensors, smart carts, and the AirLink Interface – require the latest versions of our software. PASCO Capstone 1.9.1 is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue 2.7.0 is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

Compatibility/System requirements

Any current model Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android phone will support direct connection to PASCO Bluetooth 4 devices.

Windows computers/tablets, Chromebooks and older Macs currently require the PS-3500 USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter to connect to PASCO’s Bluetooth 4 devices.

Full compatibility details are available, including compatibility information for older computing devices.


  • See how PASCO’s innovative Wireless Smart Cart can measure position, velocity, acceleration, force, and more, both on and off a track.

  • Use the wireless Smart Cart and SPARKvue software to measure the impact force of a collision, then see how the impact can be reduced with student designed bumpers and barriers.

  • Fourteen great ideas for using the PASCO Wireless Smart Cart in your physics lab. Plus one bad one.


  • Smart Cart with onboard sensors
  • Hook
  • Rubber Bumper
  • Magnetic Bumper
  • USB cable (for charging)



  • ± 100 N
  • 0.1 N
  • ± 1%
Maximum sampling rate
  • 500 samples/second normally
  • 5000 samples/second in burst mode


  • ± 0.2 mm


Max velocity
  • ± 3 m/s
Max sample rate
  • 100 samples/second


  • ± 16g (g= 9.8 m/s2)
Max sample rate
  • 500 samples/second

Bluetooth distance

Max wireless range
  • 30 m (unobstructed)


Wireless Smart Cart

The patent pending Wireless Smart Cart was declared a winner for the  prestigious 2016 GESS (Global Education Supplies and Solutions) Innovation Product award.


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