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Tense Buster

Break through the grammar barrier

Tense Buster


Most teachers love reading, but it can be a challenge to generate the same enthusiasm in our students. This is what Active Reading sets out to achieve. Throughout the program, learners work with texts which are relevant, stimulating and lively (topics include travel, fashion, gaming) each with a range of thought-provoking activities.


The Tense Buster syllabus, available here, follows a logical progression from Elementary level (A2) through to Advanced (C1) that mirrors the coverage of most international course books. Within each unit, learners both encounter and use the target language in a variety of text types from radio broadcasts to quizzes to newspaper articles. Each unit includes both controlled practice exercises and freer activities to do away from the computer.


Grammar in context

Each unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue, story or interview, where learners are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works

Form and function

Learners then move on to practice activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted.

Tense Buster

Tense Buster

The rule

Next comes a grammar rule where they confirm or correct their theories.

Final test

Each unit concludes with a randomised test, enabling students to gauge their progress.

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Tense BusterTense Buster