Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program, helps learners improve their understanding of key grammar areas from some/any at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced level. The program is ideal as a self-access resource for extension or remedial work, or integrated into a course of study and used for classwork or homework.

Who is it for?

Tense Buster is suitable for all learners of English from Elementary to Advanced.

  • International English
  • North American English
  • With Chinese instructions
  • Indian English
What is the approach?

Each unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue, newspaper article or radio broadcast, where learners are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works. Next comes a grammar rule where they confirm or correct their theories. Learners then move on to practice activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted. Each unit concludes with a randomised test enabling students to gauge their progress.

Other useful features

The program includes detailed feedback in exercises to help students understand where they went wrong, so they can avoid making the same mistakes in future. Each unit includes a video-based pronunciation exercise relating to the grammar point. And on completing a level, learners can print a certificate – a great motivator!

Who uses Tense Buster?

Tense Buster has been adopted by the British Council worldwide, Ministries of Education in many countries, as well as thousands of schools and colleges.

Help your students break through the grammar barrier… with Tense Buster!