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Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds)

Speak clearly, with confidence

Clear Pronunciation 1


Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) helps learners recognise and pronounce 43 English phonemes. The program includes over 1,000 audio clips and 50 videos providing input for the sounds and models for learners to copy. The Recorder enables users to record their voice and assess their pronunciation against a native speaker.


Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) enables learners to recognise and produce vowels, consonants and diphthongs accurately, and to discriminate between them.


Minimal pairs

Each of the 25 units in the program contrasts two sounds, for example head/had, there/dare, hair/hear.

Sounds in context

The second activity presents the sound in sentences for learners to listen to and repeat. They move on to a discrimination exercise.

Clear Pronunciation 1

Tense Buster

Sounds in isolation

The first screen presents each sound independently and in the context of individual words — in initial, middle and final position

Real-world pronunciation

Learners then meet the target sounds in a real-world context: someone describing a photograph, a nursery rhyme or the repeated diphthong in movie titles (Trading Places, Snakes on a Plane).

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Clear Pronunciation 1Clear Pronunciation 1