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Weplay Stepping Shape

Weplay Stepping Shape teaches children basic concepts about geometry, Including flat shapes & three dimensional objects, as well as the mathematical ideas.

Code: KC3004
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 10 months old & up

Weight: 0.75 kg
Volume: 0.3 cuft


1. The blocks shaped in cylinder, triangular prism, rectangular prism and star-like prism and designed in of four different height, help children to establish the concept of height and aequences.
2. The shape and raised patterns on the block enhance tactile perception.
3. The design of an equidistant, establish children the concept of decomposition and synthesis.
4. The different colors and heights of blocks set up children’s concept of geometry.

Play Value

1. Help children to recognize basic shapes such as circle, triangle, square, and star.
2. Impoove hand-eye coordination and hand muscle control.
3. Set up children’s array concept..
4. Strengthen children’s cognition of touch.
5. Develop the concept of decomposition and synthesis.
6. Build children’s concept of assembling.


Block 16 pcs( 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm height / each shape )
Bases 1 pcs ( 30 L x 30 W cm)

Weplay Stepping Shape

Materials include: PE & ABS
Country of origin: Taiwan