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Weplay Puzzle Fun

Size of the tile is suitable for younger children to grip and place. With the graphics in different colors on the tiles, children can create English letters, numbers, geometric shapes and multiple pictures. Weplay Puzzle Fun inspires children’s graphical imagination and creativity to full extent.

Code: KC2009
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 2 years & up

Weight: 0.83 kg
Volume: 0.1 cuft


1. Multiple graghics and colors for children’s first art lesson.
2. Tiles at proper size for young children, easy to take and remove.
3. Easy connective boards for a larger platform to play.
4. Extended product: Weplay Beanstalk(KC2008)
Weplay Puzzle Fun

Play Value

1. Builds up children’s structural concept.
2. Enhances children’s spatial orientation and visual perspective.
3. Develops fine motor skills during creative play.


Components : 
Shape (75 pcs)-cm × 1.3cm
Board (2 pcs)-20cm × 20cm × 0.8cm
Total 77 pcs
Weplay Puzzle Fun

Materials include: ABS

Country of origin: Taiwan