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Stack n’ Stack

Code: KC0003
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 4 years old & up

Weight: 10 kg
Volume: 2.23 cuft


  1. These large-scale building blocks offer children a unique and fun building experience.
  2. During the creation, children would carry, stack, move the blocks, they also need to bend over and stand up in order to arrange the blocks.
  3. These series of actions during the game help them explore their body potential and improve the coordination of their gross motor skills.

Play Value

  1. Helps children recognize 3-dimensional objects such as a cube, a rectangle block and a triangular prism, etc.
  2. Helps children get to know the structure and composition of a 3-dimensional object as well as to learn how many number of planes are required to create them.
  3. Cultivates children’s visual and spatial concepts and their artistic creativity.
  4. Enhances action planning ability and muscle development.
  5. Improves learning ability and concentration through the process of the game.
  6. Cultivates children’s spatial planning concepts through the game.


Contents: Total: 68 pcs / set

Square             (20 x 20 cm) × 44
Rectangular  L  (40 x 20 cm) × 20
Rectangular  S (28.3 x 20 cm) × 4
Dismantling tool × 4

Materials include: PP
Country of origin: Taiwan