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8cm Softwood Blocks – 56 Pcs

Light, soft and safe blocks are made to mimic real wood.

Code: KC2101
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 0 years old & up

Weight: 5 kg
Volume: 2.45 cuft


  1. These light, soft and durable building blocks are made from high grade EVA material with unique wood grain patterns throughout the entire block to mimic real wood.
  2. This set comprises cubes, cylinders, pillars, triangles and more.
  3. They can be piled up easily and are suitable for both individual and group to play.
  4. Children can enhance their capability of structural understanding and explore their imagination and creativity extensively while playing with these blocks.

Softwood Blocks features

  1. Light, safe and soft EVA materials.
  2. Innovative wood grain patterns throughout the entire block just like the real wood (not printed on, won’t be rubbed off)
  3. Can be piled up easily
  4. Waterproof and floatable
  5. Aroma free & non-toxic

Play Value

  1. Stimulates creativity and imagination extensively.
  2. Enhances body movement coordination.
  3. Promotes awareness of shapes.
  4. Cultivates structural understanding and spatial concept.
  5. Improves fine motor skills.
  6. Enhances muscle stability in hands.
  7. Encourages teamwork and peer-interaction.


Contents: 56 pcs
Thickness: 8 cm

8cm Softwood Blocks – 56 Pcs

Material: High grade EVA, Aroma free & Non-toxic.

Features of EVA products:

  • Ideal foam material for childcare products.
  • High quality.
  • Light, safe and net.
  • Meet the standard of the Food Sanitation Law in Japan.
  • Waterproof, humidity proof and acid proof.

Country of origin: Taiwan