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Weplay Rocking bowl-Clear Blue

It’s a car or a boat to fill up with plastic balls (not included), action figures, stuffed animals – anything at all.

Code: KP2004-00C
Brand: Weplay
Suitable age: 6 months & up

Max. Load: 60 kg
Weight: 3.5 kg
Volume: 6.5 cuft


  1. The bottom is designed with a smooth curve to provide best safety.
  2. The ripple lines inside the Bowl not only make the Bowl beautiful but serve as anti-slip function.
  3. Proper size for one or two children to sit in together.
  4. The wavy edge provides children with air circulation when it is turned upside down.
  5. Good for stretching exercise when it is turned upside down.
★ Rocking Bowl is one of the best new toys of 2012 on American Parenting Magazine.
★ “Weplay Rocking Bowl” for being selected as “The 10 great balance toys”.

Play Value

  1. Enhance the development of vestibular balance.
  2. Improve motor coordination.
  3. Assist children to practice the control of stability.
  4. Provide proper vestibular stimulation.
  5. Help develop social interaction skills and teamwork.


Dimensions: Ø72 cm, 32 cm depth
Color: clear blue
Materials include: ABS
Country of origin: